The Campaign

28.06.12 | Profile and presentations of the participants

Natalia Todorova

Executive director of the National Association of grain producers, Bulgaria since April 2011; in charge of operational activities and involved in the drafting of strategies and programmes for the organization. NATIONAL GRAIN GROWERS ASSOCIATION The National Grain Growers Association is a sectoral organisation of Bulgarian grain growers which was established in 2006. The Association consists...

28.06.12 | Profile and presentations of the participants

Jaanus Heinsar

In 2005, Jaanus Heinsar graduated from the Tallinn University in the field of sociology. On 1 April 2003, he entered the service of the Ministry of Agriculture as Chief Specialist of the Bureau of EU Affairs of the Public and Foreign Relations Department. From 1 April 2008 to 31 July 2011 he performed the duties of the coun- selor of agriculture, fisheries and environment at the EU Secretariat...

28.06.12 | Profile and presentations of the participants

Desislava Karchanova

Head of Direct Payments and Market Support Directorate, Ministry of Agriculture and Food. PRESENTATION "The Common Agricultural Policy of the EU and its implementation in Bulgaria”.pdf (1.42 MB)...

28.06.12 | Profile and presentations of the participants

Angel Vukodinov

Chairman of The Board of Managers of the National Association of Grain Producers (NGPA), Bulgaria in November 2011, member and former chairman of the "Association of producers of oilseeds and cereals" - Plovdiv (now the "Union of Grain Producers - Plovdiv) and grain producer. As chairman of the NGPA has a representative function, he is responsible for leadership and management of the NGPA...

Final event

Closing conference "CAP: 50 YEARS ON"

On 14th of December in Brussels the final conference under project “CAP:Re:Turn to the Future” took place. The official event was under the heading "CAP: 50 YEARS ON". The conference was attended by representatives of farming industry bodies, local initiative groups and organic producer organizations from the four participant countries – Bulgaria, Estonia, Portugal and Malta. At the conference the book „CAP, past and present” was presented containing the major findings of the project.

At the end of the conference an official announcement was made of the finalists in the “Re:turn to the Future – Agriculture” photo/video competition and their photos and videos were presented.

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"Wine - Douro Valley" 

Manuel Luis Rebelo Gomes

"Back to Basics"

Francisco Telles Varela

"A field of storks"

Eddy Kont


Ott Rõngas

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