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Part 5: Challenges of precision livestock farming and IoT

Precision livestock farming is widely known as an approach for employing inputs efficiently and achieving the greatest possible outputs. Furthermore, the precision livestock farming is a sustainable system from a variety of perspectives. According to the literature, IoTs will undergo significant technological improvements as service-oriented technology. It is worth noting, however, that the responsibility to leverage the intelligent solutions that IoT will provide in livestock management will remain in human hands.

Part 7: Recommendations for adoption and promotion of Conservation Agriculture

Conservation Agriculture is knowledge intensive and represents a paradigm shift in farming. For this reason, the promotion process must be accompanied by a clear communication strategy.

Study by Professor G. Basch et al.

Chapter 15, „Experiences with CA in Europe“ от книгата Conservation Agriculture

Part 4: Monitoring health parameters during breeding period, sequel

According to a study carried out in 2014, the world’s cattle population was estimated at 1.43 billion while the population of sheep and goat was set at 1.87 billion [103]. Despite this high number of small ruminants, research regarding PLF approaches in sheep and goat are significantly less numerous as compared to cattle.

Translated and adapted: Industry 4.0 and Precision Livestock Farming (PLF): An up to Date Overview across Animal Productions

Part 3: Results and analysis

In general, environmental and social issues are more prevalent than economic issues: 174 statements were made on environmental issues, 140 statements on social issues, and 83 statements on economic issues. This indicates a high concern of most stakeholders for the effect of agriculture on Dutch ecosystems and society.

Part 3: Monitoring health parameters during breeding period

Both in dairy and beef cattle, pedometers, along with several other systems, are used in the detection of lameness.

Translated and adapted: Industry 4.0 and Precision Livestock Farming (PLF): An up to Date Overview across Animal Productions

Authors: Sarah Morrone, Corrado Dimauro, Filippo Gambella, Maria Grazia Cappai

Publication: Sensors 2022