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селски райони

Eurostat: Predominantly rural regions experience depopulation

Based on the urban–rural typology, predominantly rural regions accounted for almost half (45%) of the EU’s area in 2021. However, according to population data on 1 January 2021, only 21% of the EU population lived in rural regions. Over the period 2015-2020, the population of predominantly rural regions fell, on average, 0.1% each year, while almost no change was recorded in the population of intermediate regions. On the other hand, the population of predominantly urban regions rose, on average, 0.4% each year.

EU bet on ‘smart villages’ in rural development bid

Germany is pushing ahead with the development of smart villages – a move EU Agriculture Commissioner Janusz Wojciechowski said was crucial for developing rural areas, reported EurActiv. The approach, also known as smart village development, is about revitalising rural areas through digital and, in some cases, social innovation, according to the European Network for Rural Development (ENLR).

“Smart villages are a key policy tool to unlock the potential of our rural communities,” Wojciechowski said during a conference on Thursday (27 October).